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We believe there is a yoga for everyone – no matter what your age, health, fitness level or personality.

The health and wellbeing benefits of yoga practice and having some dedicated ‘you’ time are immense. So, we’ve curated a yoga programme that will suit everyone from yoga-virgins and beginners to dedicated yogis.

Isn’t it time you found your yoga?

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Hatha Yoga

  • Suitable for: everyone and anyone – this is a beautiful, gentle yoga
  • Focus on: stability, strength, stamina
  • Teachers: Wendy and Bel

Our Hatha Yoga classes and workshops are gentle yet energizing.

Hatha (‘ha’ Sun, ‘tha’ Moon) is about balancing the mind, body and chakras through asanas (specific body postures) and meditative, controlled breathing.

Each class finishes with a meditation that will leave you refreshed and uplifted.

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Dru Yoga

  • Suitable for: everyone – especially those with back pain
  • Focus on: mobility and strength
  • Teacher: Wendy

Dru yoga has been around since the 1970s and has its roots in Hatha. It is a gentle and graceful form of yoga.

Dru comes from the Sanskrit ‘Dhruva’ – a Hindu deity, who was the God of the North Pole Star. Dru yoga connects you with your own ‘inner star’ or point of stillness.

You’ll learn how to strengthen your core and awaken your energy centres. Sequences are soft and flowing and the classes are relaxing and meditative.

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Kundalini Yoga

  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Focus on: movement, meditation, mantra and breath
  • Teacher: Jacqui

Kundalini Yoga is considered the ‘Mother of all yoga’. It is an ancient and deeply spiritual form of yoga that includes the chanting of mantras, dynamic breathing, meditation and movement.

In Sanskrit, ‘kundal’ can mean circular or coiled snake. In Kundalini Yoga your focus is on awakening the coiled snake in the base of your back and releasing energy up through your spine via your seven chakras (energy centres).

Most of the asanas (postures) are seated. A lot of the moves are quite easy, it’s the repetition and length of time in them that challenges you.

After a Kundalini class you’ll feel thoroughly uplifted, with your body and mind in alignment and having tuned in to the universal energy.

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Ashtanga Yoga

  • Suitable for: beginners, intermediate or advanced yoga fans – challenging and energetic
  • Focus on: strength, flexibility, mindfulness
  • Teacher: Louise

Ashtanga Yoga is not meant to be easy! It is all about challenging the body and mind to become strong through regular practice.

Ashtanga, literally meaning ‘having eight limbs’, is a dynamic, flowing style of yoga that focuses on connecting the body and breath as one.

We offer the modified version of Ashtanga. You’ll also find some Rocket Yoga incorporated into our classes (due to popular demand).

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Don’t know which yoga to try?

If you’re not sure which yoga is for you or have any questions, just get in touch with us for a chat. We can talk you through the different yoga types and help you choose one that matches your needs.

Don’t be afraid to give it a go though. We’re a friendly bunch and our teachers will help you to get the most out of each class, whatever your ability.

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“Yoga and meditation are a lifelong practice that help remind us how exactly to be here, now”

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