Yoga & Wellbeing Workshops - be good to yourself

To have love in your heart, peace in your mind and strength in your body, you need to honour yourself with some special time for you.

Beachyjax workshops and retreats are all created with this ethos in mind and offer you an enlightening moment of you-time in your busy life.

You’ll find the dates and booking details for all of our courses in our timetable, but here are some that we’ll be running regularly.

Keep an eye on our calendar for Woodland Retreats and Outdoor Yoga – coming soon!

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Yoga Basics

Suitable for: everyone, including absolute beginners

Timing: a three-part course, each session is 2.5 hours

Cost: £75

Focus on: introduction to yoga

Teacher: Bel

Join yoga therapist Bel Charlesworth to explore the basic principles of yoga.

This three-part course includes introductory posture work/asanas and deepening the connection to your Self, your breath and the world around you, as well as to your mind and body.

Each session will include a short, grounding meditation and some relaxed yoga philosophy (i.e. What’s it all about then?) with a herbal tea. You’ll then enjoy an extended yoga class including pranayama (breathing exercises), taking time to prepare and explore the benefits of each posture and how to modify if needed.

Over the three sessions, we’ll cover postures such as Cat/Cow flow, Downward Dog, Forward Bends, Child Pose, Cobra, Flowing Tree, Bridge and Lying Twist, progressing to a Sun Salutation sequence suitable for all.

You’ll also receive handouts and online links to help you practice at home. The intention is to be able to apply all you’ve learnt to your own yoga practice, whatever your preferred style or experience of yoga.

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Learn to Meditate

Suitable for: everyone, including absolute beginners

Timing: One Day Course 10.00am – 04.00pm

Cost: £55

Focus on: introduction to meditation

Teacher: Bel

Yoga and meditation teacher Bel Charlesworth leads this one-day life enhancing workshop on meditation.

Suitable for everyone, including beginners, ‘Learn to Meditate’ will teach you a simple but effective meditation technique to help de-stress, relax, improve focus and improve your sense of wellbeing and awareness.

Based on the classical meditation practice of Yogananda, this technique is suitable for those of all faiths and backgrounds. Our intention is to help you attain calmness, develop concentration and cultivate happiness.

Over the day, you will learn about the benefits of meditation, how it works and how meditation can transform your life. The aim being for you to leave with a simple but powerful meditation technique which can be easily embraced into everyday life.

Bel Charlesworth is a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher with a post-grad diploma in Yoga Therapy (accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapy) and an experienced Herbalist and Wellbeing Practitioner.

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How to Live an Authentic Life

Suitable for: all

Timing: 3.5 hours

Cost: £40

Focus on: discovering the real you

Teacher: Jacqui

Join Jacqui Cooper on this empowering journey of self-discovery.

Explore who you are now, where you are now and where you want to be with our ‘How to Live an Authentic Life’ workshop.

Take a minute (now) to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let us ask you this question.

Picture yourself five years into the future. What if in five years’ time you are still doing what you are doing now – what does that look like, sound like or feel like to you? What, if anything, would you like to change? What’s stopped you from making that change so far?

Do you know the biggest fear most people have that holds them back? The fear of what others might think. So, let’s just consider for a moment, if you cared less about what others might think – what might you like to do differently?

This is the starting point for Jacqui’s workshop – a small group session where proven tools and techniques (and some more ‘out there’ stuff) is used to help you choose to live a more authentic life.

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How to Solve Any Problem or Issue

Suitable for: all

Timing: 2.5 hours

Cost: £30

Focus on: Positive Change

Teacher: David

David Cooper, our very own F**k It Coach, entrepreneur and business guru leads this group session ‘How to solve any problem or issue – a simple process for positive change’.

We all have problems and worries that from time to time don’t seem to have any obvious solution. These can vary from minor issues involving loved ones to way more complex problems like money or career.

This step by step system works for you by asking yourself a set of specific questions that David will demonstrate for you. David believes that there is ALWAYS a best outcome and solution for any problem.

Once you have gained more clarity, this process will move you closer to finding your best outcome and easing your worry – in some cases instantly. Armed with this process to problem-solving any issue that life throws at you, you will no longer need to carry your worries around with you in a continuous spiral of ineffectiveness, leading to inevitable stress.

David will demonstrate this process with a live demo and if you want to – you’ll even get to try it out for yourself before you leave. As David quotes ‘Out of chaos, always comes clarity.’

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8 Golden Rules for Harmonious Living

Suitable for: all

Timing: 2.5 hours

Cost: £30

Focus on: Taking back control of your emotions

Teacher: David

Join David Cooper, our Business and F**K It Coach, on ‘8 golden rules for harmonious living and peaceful existence – taking back control of your emotions’.

When we are in an emotional state (positive or negative) there is always a chain of events that leads us to feel this way. Often referred to as ‘cause and effect’. David will enlighten you with 8 key presuppositions for living a far more harmonious existence by better understanding what triggers your emotions and why?

You will quickly learn how to take back control over your emotions by observing patterns of behaviour that don’t serve you well. David states that several of these rules learned during his own personal development have changed him profoundly.

These 8 rules come from the brilliant work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming which David has studied and coached since 2012.

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