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Our Vision..

Beachyjax is a healing hub where people come to explore, learn, share, develop, feel connected, try new things, feel safe, improve their confidence, feel supported, feel empowered, socialise, heal, – or simply join us for an uplifting yoga or movement class!

We’re friendly, warm and authentic peeps with the belief of honouring yourself and being good to your body, mind and soul.

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Jacqui’s extensive work with colour through image consultancy and energy, as a Reiki master and teacher, means that the healing benefits of colour are felt throughout the studio.
On arrival at Beachyjax in Honley, Huddersfield, your colour senses will be ignited and your chakra balancing journey begins with our bright red door.
Simply by seeing colour, we absorb the energetic properties which stimulate our energy centres (chakras). Red is rooted in the Base Chakra, this is all about feeling grounded, safe, secure, and accepted.
Window boxes and hanging baskets deliver an abundance of colourful seasonal foliage, along with a wall-mounted bicycle covered in fairy lights symbolic of your journey – you have arrived.

The reverse of the door is the colour orange – the next level – the sacral chakra, associated with creativity. When you close the door you are in the welcome zone.

This is the Welcome Zone where you will be greeted; listening to relaxing music you can kick off your shoes and enjoy complimentary sweet treats, freshly made smoothies and pure alkaline reverse osmosis water post-class.

You can also browse our range of  retail products, including crystals, jewellery, essential oils, candles and yoga supplies.

Your journey through the chakras continues and our intention is that by the time you reach the entrance to Beachyjax Studio, you will have had a gentle chakra wiggle and will feel lighter and uplifted.

Beachyjax is our original studio, vibrant and beautiful with fairy lights entwined along its high beamed ceiling and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Pure essential oils and candles burn to heal and arouse the senses.

Brightly coloured yoga mats are available as well as more grounded earthy tones – so you can select the colour you think you need for yoga practice on the day.

Some classes may be delivered here and others are in our new woodland structure called the Maloka.

The original Beachyjax studio is also available for hire! Do contact us if you are interested; hello@beachyjax.com

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