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I am feeling amazing after the B-Dynamic breathwork session. I’m so lifted and happy and have found some energy! I can’t thank you enough for today xxx
Thank you so much for such an amazing experience, my blood pressure is measurably improved and I had the best night’s sleep last night! Today has been both productive and chilled and those ‘unnamed’ panics are subsiding!
- Lou
B-Dynamic Breathwork
As a regular to Kundalini yoga classes, I cannot recommend this enough. This class has transformed my approach to life. Jacqui pays so much attention to detail and offers an experience that helps you to reach your full potential. I have also been able to benefit from the twilight cacao and kundalini ceremonies and the retreat, both of which have left me enlightened, liberated and balanced. Jacqui offers a sense of security within a setting that is nurturing enabling you to explore your own self allowing you to develop your own journey through life. Looking back, I am unsure how I managed without the kundalini yoga experience facilitated by Jacqui, who is always inspiring, insightful and encouraging.
- Susan
Kundalini Yoga
“Thank you so much ! I had such an amazing experience on the retreat. I’m still struggling to put it into words. The journaling, release, rituals, healing and insights keep on coming. I really appreciate the healing and it’s also lovely to maintain a connection with you and the other lovely souls.”
- Jessica
Thank you so much for such an amazing experience, my blood pressure is measurably improved and I had the best night’s sleep last night! Today has been both productive and chilled and those ‘unnamed’ panics are subsiding!
- Lou
B-Dynamic Breathwork
"It's very hard to put into words the experience I had at the Beachyjax Liberation Yoga Retreat. The words transformational, life-changing, powerful, spiritual all come to mind but unless you were there and experienced the day you can't quite understand how that is possible from a one day course. First of all, it's so much more than yoga. Yes, there's plenty of Kundalini Yoga in there but the day is so immersive that you almost don't even think about the yoga part. The best way I can explain it is that it was like being in a dream or trance for the day, where you were able to open up to positive energy, discover what is important in your life and let go of anything that has been holding you back. We were welcomed and enveloped by so much love and positive energy that it was almost overwhelming. The music, the scents, the environment, the food, drink, people, touch, textures - everything was perfect and played a part in creating an atmosphere for positive change and 'liberation'. It was also very private, there was no awkward or forced 'group sharing' - everyone was on their own journey with the lovely Jacqui there to guide and encourage them. After the day, Jacqui has been in touch with all of us individually by phone and email offering support and advice to continue to process thoughts and emotions that arose on the day. This is definitely just the start of the journey. If you would like to make a change in your life, or have anything that is holding you back, any fears, worries, baggage or if you just want to open up to nature and positive energy then try this retreat."
- Julie
Liberation Yoga Retreat
“I attended Jacqui's Liberation retreat day and it was the most amazing day! I'd previously done some transformational breathing work with Jacqui where I'd felt like I was within a bubble but not yet emerging from it. During the retreat, I felt like I was emerging from the bubble and being re-born. It was such an uplifting and freeing experience. I feel really liberated and so much more positive about my future. The whole day was bliss - from the room set-up, the music, the other attendees, Jacqui's love and kindness, the food and every part of the day. I loved it so much I'm going to arrange a private session for a group of friends! Highly recommended”. Thanks Jacqui x
- Dr Maxine Stead PHD
Liberation Yoga Retreat
“I attended the first Liberation Retreat day. It was my first time at Beachyjax and right from the very beginning I was greeted with friendly, warm, kind and welcoming faces in Dave and Jacqui. The day felt like a week and yet at the same time only an hour, it was beautifully strange. I expected to shed a little tear when letting go, however, I did not anticipate what I did feel. Let go I certainly did!!!! The day was powerful, empowering, enlightening, revealing, clarifying, loving and positively strengthening. I received answers to questions I didn’t even know I had or know I needed answering, but I gratefully received them and they have proved so much clarity for my being. Soooooooo appreciative for this experience. I wouldn’t hesitate attending these future events, I’d be there in a heartbeat. Thank you so much ”.
Zoey Simpson
Liberation Yoga Retreat
“Absolutely amazing experience at the retreat day today. We were treated with so much love and care by the team and made to feel like part of the family I cannot recommend these guys enough. From the bottom of my heart - thank you”.
- Nikki Sterndale
“I attended the ‘Liberation’ workshop today. Wow ... It was a truly amazing and transformational experience. The thought, detail and personal touches added to the whole energy of the day. Truly wonderful - Thank you xx”
- Lindsay Shaw
Liberation Yoga Retreat​
“I attended the Womans ceremony last week, it was so beautiful to spend a day just on yourself. I have attended kundalini yoga sessions and done some breathwork with Jacqui previously, so I had an idea of how the day would look. The day was truly enlightening, I cried, smiled, laughed and ate some of the most amazing food. I will definitely be attending more in the future. Thank you” ✨✨✨✨✨
- Anonymous
Woman's Ceremony
"I felt called to do Beachy Jax Liberation day retreat and I am so glad I was. After recently embarking on a spiritual and healing journey this was just what I needed. I went with an open mind and took so much away from the day, it was powerful, raw and emotional in equal measures. I felt so light the next day after the energetic release of stagnant energy in my body. The hospitality from Jacqui and Dave on the day was amazing. They both ensured that everyone was comfortable and their needs were met. They welcomed us all with open arms in to their beautiful space and the grounds of their home. Jacqui followed up with a video call to check in on me a few days after the retreat which was an added little bonus as she is so insightful ❤️. Love and light to you "
- J
Liberation Yoga Retreat
“An absolutely amazing day”!
- Fiona Kaye
“An amazing experience at the liberation retreat ! I recently started the kundalini classes which have been a truly amazing start . Yesterday’s retreat spent with some like minded ladies was uplifting , therapeutic and incredibly relaxing . I left feeling lighter and positive . The setting , so beautiful with care and consideration to the finest detail is immediately welcoming and made me feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you for a truly wonderful day and amazing food with delicious sweet treats to top it all off”.
- Sue
Liberation Yoga Retreat
“Thank you so much for a wonderful day. It was just what I needed and that I need more of. Holding space for us like you did and leading us through such powerful work was magical. Your space is warm and welcoming, your teaching is authentic and inspiring and the food that you prepared for us was delightful. I left feeling loved, held and supported in my healing. It was lovely to meet all of my ‘sisters’ too.
- Kelly Thistlewaite
“I recently attended a retreat at Beachyjax, it was amazing Jacqui has thought every detail of the day through and put herself into the whole day. The itinerary was perfect, the day was intimate and a safe place to be to allow yourself to really let go and enjoy the day. Everything on the day was of the highest quality and you left feeling it was all designed to be personal for you I can highly recommend Beachyjax and Jacqui and I will be attending more retreats when it is possible to do so”
- Satty
“Well...I love myself just as I am and I am so comfortable in my own skin...a direct result of the day I spent with you . For me it was all about feminine energy and being a woman again with all my vulnerability love and tenderness. There will still be bumps in the road, concerns etc but not in the way I used suffer anxiety about not being good enough clever enough etc. And I am loving the cook book, I have eliminated most processed food except baked beans yummy on toast and the occasional white bread toast Got back into cooking Indian food Thank you my angel on earth can’t wait to attend more retreats please! Big love “
- Anonymous
Hey lovely! Thanks a million, your yoga has helped me pull through this lockdown it’s incredible!
- Danni
Yoga Class
I’ve really benefitted from Beachyjax classes. I love Jacqui’s energy and I always feel so much better after classes whether it’s feeling more uplifted, more energised or more peaceful. I can highly recommend Beachyjax!
- Dr Maxine Stead
Yoga Class
“Hey Jacqui, just wanted to express my gratitude again for tonights cacao and Kundalini Ceremony. It was just what I needed! I feel gooooooooood, no I feel great! I just love love love your energy and soul ♥️🙏🏻
Kundalini Ceremony
“I am feeling amazing after the B-Dynamic breathwork session. I’m so lifted and happy and have found some energy! I can’t thank you enough for today xxx”
- Karen Bradbury
B-Dynamic Breathwork