Medicine & Movement


Upcoming Dates

Friday 30th July 7pm – 9.15pm

Timescale – 2.15  hours

Energy exchange – £35

Suitable for – this is a female only gathering

The gatherings are small to facilitate an intimate ceremony.


The ceremony will open by connecting with the breath, a primal medicine, life enriching, and deeply healing. You’ll awaken all your senses, your life force energy.

As you begin to connect with the wild wise women that resides inside you you’ll start your journey with the medicine, the spirit of Cacao.

Cacao is not psychoactive like other plant medicines and she won’t take you anywhere you’re not ready to go.

This beautiful heart opening ceremony will take you on a journey to feel more love, more joy, more compassion, more creativity and connectedness.

We will drink together, move together, breathe together, laugh together and maybe cry together.


Feeling into our bodies, we’ll invoke our emotions, our feelings, and our mindset. 

You’ll deepen your experience and awaken the dancer within as we transition into embodied movement and free dance.

You will open up in a way that’s freeing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The experience will finish with a deep relaxation and a sharing circle.

Terms Of Booking

Beachyjax has a 90 minute lock in window before a class start time. Cancellations within this 90 minute timeframe will be charged for and cannot be refunded.

For workshops, retreats and ceremonies the lock in window is 48hrs.

If we say yes to you we have to say no to somebody else.