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Moving forward with Mr C

Mr C is very much an unsung hero at Beachyjax. He’s usually in the background, helping ensure everything is organised and holding space in his amazing masculine way, which is supportive, sensitive and caring.

Also a coach, entrepreneur and all-round support for our offerings I think it’s time he had a voice!  It’s his turn to write the blog this month and in it, he shares his knowledge and expertise around cryptocurrency and how it will pay for the investment required for the new build.

Jacqui, Dave, Shaman, Costa Rica
Me, 5th generation Shaman, Taita Juanito, and Mr C at Rythmia Life Advancement Centre in Costa Rica

An update from Mr C

It’s really me! … Mr C, the guest writer for this month’s Beachy News. Wow, what an honour of trust to be allowed to chip in and add a few words.

When Jacqui speaks about her visions and ideas, often in riddles at first, at least to my ears, I ponder at first, debate, look for a way out and then usually abide. The woodland retreat has been an idea, a concept, a dream for many years now and although the intention has always been there throughout, the actual purpose and utility of it and, of course, the spare funds to build it have always remained a bit unknown. Until now.

We are focused and purposeful and it’s big, really big. Although the structure will be quite modern and simple in design, which has changed from our original ideas, the features will be what makes it. Such as the bloody underfloor heating (Mrs C has gone on about that feature until I finally gave in) – the south-facing frontage and the vast array of folding glass to allow for sunrise and sunsets to permeate the atmosphere.

The incredible new woodland structure planned at Beachyjax

The target date is September for the finished structure but compostable toilets, paths, lighting, swings, tree seating and other cool features all have to be added. I’ve no doubt it will evolve even more with Jacqui’s clear vision – it will become quite a wow when it’s completed.

One thing is certain, unlike many investments in my life, this is not about money or any future return on investment. This is solely about building a unique, special space for healing work and regular joyous events. A place where everyone can feel safe and expansive in the knowledge that this woodland structure is here for our community. What better investment can ever be made, than that?

Digital cryptocurrencies

Thanks to the future of money, which is digital cryptocurrencies, we are able to spend aplenty on this project. I have been studying Bitcoin and other new digital technologies for over four years, and I mean study. It’s consumed literally over a thousand hours for me to learn about this groundbreaking future of money and the impending end of our current monetary system.

I am very clear on where the world is heading economically and it’s not pretty. We will all be affected by the enormous debt that has been created by the world’s central banks. If you, or anyone you know, want to learn a bit more about it and how you must wake up and plan for your own future differently to how we have done traditionally with pensions and savings – I’ll be happy to help you learn.

Many of my friends and family have taken my knowledge and bought a little bit of Bitcoin in the last year and I’m so pleased to report that it’s gone up for them over 400% so far. That’s about 800x more than the bank will give you on your savings. The best bit is that it’s only just the beginning. So if you’re ever wondering where the funds are coming from for your amazing new structure, now you know, Bitcoin – the future of money is bringing us an early gift and we are blessed to share it with you all.

Better stop now before I get told off for rambling.

See you soon,

Mr C x     

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