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Let’s move on …

Wow, what a year! As many of you may know, as a holistic coach, I set about my focus for the onset of a new year by feeling into an outcome I want to manifest. It’s simply one word and then I create my ‘actions’ in alignment with that. But, last year, when I set my intention for 2020, ‘LIBERATION’, I didn’t expect that! 

Well, what a manifestation that was!

A year of manifestation

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the saying “You can’t make this stuff up” haven’t you? Well, clearly I can and so can you! It’s been a year of manifestation. Although there are aspects I have felt strongly opposed to (I am a breath worker and understand the importance of the exhale to release toxins, I’m sure you know what I’m referring to here) for the most part, I have had a year of positives and felt very liberated.

I’ve truly let go of things, people, and beliefs that don’t support who I have become. I’ve spoken my mind and stood by my beliefs. Even when I’ve felt on my own and ‘out there’, I’ve truly honoured my truth and who I have become. I’ve helped some people view things differently rather than preach about my views. I’ve held space when no one else dared. 

Having different approaches, experiences, values, and beliefs are what being human is all about. Meeting people where they are at with a loving and compassionate heart is how we can support each other.

During these times I’ve experienced complete discomfort, misalignment, anxiety, heartache, detachment, loneliness, and anger too. Let’s be honest if you haven’t experienced any of the denser emotions due to lockdowns and restrictions you wouldn’t be human!

Fortunately, I know what I need to do to work through all the negative stuff. Sometimes it’s just having the awareness of the feelings, accepting them, then allowing them to process. I’ve needed the help and support of healing modalities and I have to say B-Dynamic Breathwork has been my saviour. If you’d like to learn more about this, take a look at 1-2-1 consultations and group breathe classes.

Moving on …

Taking time to reflect is important, and becoming more mindful of being in the present moment is MORE important – don’t you agree? Living in the pain of the past or fear of the future serves no one.

Another of my ‘Go-to’s’ to bring me back to feeling more in balance is to MOVE, which can be anything from walking my dog Alfie, stretching, or even dancing around the house to a great playlist. And I have. From embodied movement to ecstatic dance, I love it all.

Dancing lifts your vibration, which now I know is why I LOVED dancing so much when I was younger. But then it all stopped when I stopped going to nightclubs, which in my younger years I frequented without exception every weekend.

In the last 6 months, I’ve re-kindled my relationship with the dancer within without the armoury of high heels, sequins, a bouncy blow-dry, and a tipple or four.

These days I’m such a barefoot mover, no restrictive movements, just feeling the rhythm and vibration of music that lights me up and ‘shifts’ me so I start to feel free in my body. There’s magic there; I can move from a tear to a smile in an instant. Does that sound a little weird and a little out of your comfort zone? Mmmm it did to me at first.

And look at me now, I’m all for tree-hugging, plant medicine, plant spirits,  shamanic healing, shamanic drumming, power animals, fire ceremonies, ecstatic dancing, smudging, grounding, Kundalini yoga, meditation, chanting, incense burning, elementals, galactic energies, angels, spirit guides, ancestral healing, crystal gatherer and more. I’m totally aligned with my ‘inner weirdo’.

I’ve learned to get quiet and tune in to the ‘voice within’ and then take action. 

Listening to the voice within

Mr C rolled his eyes out loud this morning when I asked him to re-site our fire pit and move a huge stone into the centre of the woods so I can sit and meditate to bring the light in ready for the placement of the new structure. That was a message from the ‘voice within’ and I simply acted on it, without question. I have a knowingness these days stronger than ever before. I have changed, you have changed, the world has changed – can you feel it?

You’ll see as we move forward with new offerings they have a different feel to them too.

I’ve incorporated everything that works for me that makes me feel better, feel good, feel more alive, feel more present, feel more free, feel more in alignment with who I was meant to be. My future offerings are an embodiment of all my downloads from the voice within, experience and teachings. 

Shaking things up

Shaking things up (including ourselves) has a profound impact on us energetically, spiritually and emotionally. We can literally shake away any excess energy that is ready to leave. And as those of you know who are already part of our tribe, we like to shake at the start of our sessions. It’s good for the nervous system and the brain.

We’ve had a shake up in our business model and changed our name too. We are now ‘Beachyjax Healing Hub’. This came about having read many testimonials, receiving many post-class texts about the healing that has taken place during ‘Beachy time’ and we felt that given our movement last year away from offering mainstream yoga that this was more in alignment with who we are and what we are offering moving forward.

We are going full swing with our woodland structure. Which we intended to have finished for last July, but the universe has a funny way of working. It knows best. We had many obstacles from the start and we took our foot off the pedal last year and put it on hold given the world situation.

And now we’ve had the messages it’s time to be bold and brave and bring in the big guns with a program of weird and wonderful experiences in Beachy woods. We’ve also connected with and developed some ‘unlikely friendships’ during the last 12 months. We’ve been opened up to circles that have brought people to us we know we have to bring to you. We can’t wait to offer you these incredible experiences once our woodland structure is ready for you. Who knows, there may even be a ‘Beachyfest’ on the horizon!


We’re very much looking forward to welcoming our tribe back into Beachyjax! We’ve got lots of healing retreats planned for you over the coming months, so take a look at the ‘Gatherings’ area of our website for info. And our regular classes can now be booked online.

And if you’re wondering what our intentional words are for 2021
Jacqui’s is Joy! 
Mr C’s is Wellbeing ️

With love & gratitude, Jacqui & Mr C x

Sat Nam 🙏

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