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Hello Autumn..

It feels good to have some predictability don’t you think? After spring, autumn is my favourite season, I love the colours, the sunny but slightly cooler days.

Connecting with Mother Earth

And, unlike Mother Nature’s predictability in driving change through the seasons, we can choose to make changes to our lives and adapt to our environment and our circumstances. We can be assured that in autumn, the trees will shed their leaves, in winter, the ground will freeze, in spring, we’ll see new shoots and in summer, there’s an array of floral abundance. These things are predictable. They are in alignment with that innate intelligence that connects us with Mother Earth. We don’t question it, what you see is what you get.

Taken at Langsett Reservoir

Collectively, we too are all shedding our leaves, letting go of the old to make way for the new. Although currently some of the letting go of our old ways just ain’t our choice. What we can do though, is choose our thoughts moment by moment. How we choose to think about a situation can change your emotional state, which in turn influences your behaviour. Choose the good ones!

Surrender to stillness

When we surrender to being in stillness, to the rawness of everything we are, the simplicity of breath, bone and flesh, to re-evaluate what’s important to us, we can develop ‘new shoots’ – new ways of thinking and doing things, new feelings, opening up to intuition – our innate guidance system. Let us remember the gifts we took away from our period during lockdown, the value of freedom, the importance of our family and friendship groups, our resonance with nature and the healing benefits of walking and breathing outside in the fresh air. Are you still honouring your practices that got you through this period of reflection?

During the initial lockdown I started to write a book, a project I’d had in mind for a long time but knew it wasn’t on my current agenda so I kept pushing it into the future. It’s still a work in progress btw.

(whoa, just seen two fawns run past my office window – that felt so magical!!!)

I’m sat in the same position I did when I wrote daily, a well lit (natural sunlight) space surrounded by nature, feeling blessed that I can pop outside at any point, kick off my shoes and ground myself (if you’d like to know more about that check out my last newsletter …)

Simple things that delight my senses, fill me up and consistently leave me in awe of this magical planet we live on.

Navigating through the last 6 months has had many challenges for our business at Beachyjax, some might say some self-inflicted ones given our decision to stop our offering of mainstream yoga, but when you know, you just know, right?

We wanted to make time and space to move toward offering more workshops and retreats aligned with our vision.

Our vision …

“Is for Beachyjax to be a healing hub where people come to explore, learn, develop, feel connected, try new things, feel safe, improve their confidence, feel supported, feel empowered, socialise and heal.

We believe in the value of honouring yourself and being good to your mind, body and soul. Nestled in the beautiful woodland surroundings, Beachyjax isn’t just about movement, it’s about helping people to reconnect with who they are, with nature and with the community.”

Handpainted on our welcome zone studio wall, look closely – a tree with leaves and all our values on it

Our offerings – the new and the trusty ones

Liberation, Day Retreat, Sunday 25th October (10am – 5pm), £125

Our doors were open for studio classes as soon as we were able, we held our first one day retreat, called Liberation, on the 30th August and were overwhelmed with the feedback we received:

“Thank you so much! I had such an amazing experience on Sunday, I’m still struggling to put it into words. The journaling, release, rituals, healing and insights keep coming. I really appreciate the healing and it’s also lovely to maintain a connection with you and the other lovely souls.”

Jessica x

Live mantra session with local musician Genevieve Pearson

Our next scheduled date is Sunday 25th October. Don’t leave it too late as there are limited places (genuinely, you all know this by now!!!) You can also book a private retreat day by emailing us at hello@beachyjax.com. And if you’re wondering, if there are any restrictions due to lockdown we’ll simply reschedule the day.

Book Liberation

New! Cacao & Cleanse – Twilight Gathering, Friday 6th November (6.30pm – 9.30pm), £40

Cacao Ceremony

In this sacred Cacao Ceremony we will be working with ceremonial grade Cacao from Peru. We invite the feminine spirit of this gentle plant medicine to partner with us and heal the parts of us that are still unresolved – she won’t take us anywhere we’re not ready to go as its not psychoactive like other plant medicines.

We’ll gently move from here into the kundalini yoga & meditation session to cleanse the mind, body & spirit.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini yoga & meditation is often referred to as the mother of all yoga as it covers 4 key elements; movement, mantra, meditation and breathwork. The majority of this session is experienced with your eyes closed to gain a deeper level of active meditation.

Regardless of your fitness or flexibility everyone can benefit from this gathering whether it be physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

We detoxify continually throughout life. We process food, thoughts  and all forms of energy. When that flow is continuous and clear, we are steady and flexible. The trouble is we accumulate more than we can process. This set systematically moves energy out of the body and the mind to keep you light and full of vitality.

The experience ends with a guided meditation and a group reiki healing session. Herbal tea and Beachy Sweet Treats will be served to you on your mat – pure bliss!

Book Cacao & Cleanse

New class! Energetic Chakra Balance, Places available from Tuesday 20th October (6.30pm – 7.30pm), £8

This energetic class is a fusion of energy-releasing movements, a full body workout, breathwork and relaxation. Here is a little video showing some of the movements, we don’t go that fast though, lol 😘

In this 60 minute class, we activate the 7 kundalini chakras with movement, intention and breath. This session helps to clear energetic blocks from the energy centres, helps to de-stress, reduce anxiety and bring you back into alignment.

You will feel lighter and vibrationally lifted as a result.

Facebook feedback “Just finished this class! Absolutely loved it, thank you see you next week.” Victoria

As always, post-class you can enjoy complimentary refreshments and homemade sweet treats in our welcome zone.

Book Chakra Balance

Trusty – the workshop that keeps giving and giving …

How to live a more joyful & authentic life, Sunday 1st November (10.30am – 4.30pm), £55

“I just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the fabulous day I spent with you on your ‘How to live a more joyful & authentic Life’ course. It was so good to be able to have a calm and positive space to stop and think about what I want to achieve and how to go about it. I really enjoyed hearing other people’s ideas and thoughts too. Thank you for giving us the framework to start making changes and make positive steps – so much to think about and do! I love your studio – such a special place. I’m so pleased I made the journey up.” With love, Tory x

Just one of the many testimonials received for our regular day session.

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Learn how to start to take the control back. Move away from overwhelm and stand in your power!

Book Joyful & Authentic Life

Whilst there is a magnitude of online offerings out there (we know, as we’re constantly being bombarded with emails), we want to honour our vision and enable people to connect in the physical form. Our upcoming workshops and retreats are all studio-based and as always you will be welcomed with open arms.

With love & gratitude

Jak & Mr C x

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