Move – our regular fitness class for everyone

Want a fitness class that’s not really a fitness class? Want a full body workout that doesn’t feel too much like hard work?

Don’t we all!

Build up fitness at your own pace

At Beachyjax our vibe is fun and chilled, so even our weekly exercise class is different from the norm … Intrigued?

‘Move’ is led by the lovely Jo Atkinson, personal trainer and lover of all things fitness and health.

Our weekly class is a 60 minute session for anyone – yes, anyone at all! You can be completely new to exercise, you may be recovering from an injury or you may just feel that you want to invest some time in you.

This is a slowly, slowly class where you will find that your fitness and strength build up at a gradual pace to suit you.

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What is Covered?

Our exercise class focuses on:

  • Regaining core strength
  • Upper body
  • Legs

Really, it is a full body workout with some gentle cardio for good measure.

Each week, Jo will vary the exercises and approach, to keep it fun and ensure you don’t get bored.

I'm Ready to Move!

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