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Finding freedom through isolation

At the start of a New Year I set an intentional word, this year it’s Liberation and now I have the unique opportunity to fully embrace it for the foreseeable future. Well, that is of course if I change my habits!

Every day feels like a Sunday at the moment. What an amazing gift isolation is. Don’t misunderstand me, I still have my responsibilities which include caring for an elderly parent, but, there is less urgency to get things done, and, more freedom.

Some of my most enjoyable activities are the free and simple things in life and I’m getting the opportunity to spend more time doing them.

Because I’m not rushing from one activity to another or preparing the studio for classes, I’m able to apportion my time to do more of the things that make me feel good, balanced and calm such as:

Eating more nutritious food, more often

I’m buying fresh food more regularly and having a glass of green juice at least once a day. I made juice every day for our studio community but sometimes I’d forget to save some for myself! I’ve stepped up my supplements and include vitamin C (go for the ascorbic acid powder you’ll bloat less with this) – which helps to boost the immune system.

Here are two short Kundalini-inspired breathwork videos to reduce anxiety, bring in a sense of calm and boost the immune system.


Dog walks on some days felt a little rushed so I could fit all my daily errands in. I’ll often walk now at the end of the day just as the sun is starting to set. It’s a wonderful time of the day and much quieter – even with the social distancing rules. I do stretching and Kundalini yoga most days, no set routine. I’m supporting local teachers by doing the odd online class too. There’s a fine line between relaxing and becoming lazy but I’m listening to what my body wants. Finding balance can only come from within.


Kundalini mantras work best for me, perfect for anyone with a busy head or who struggles with traditional meditation teachings.

Daily breathwork practice

This particular practice I learnt in Rythmia Life Advancement Centre in Costa Rica 2 years ago alongside my ayahuasca journeys, wow do I feel connected during this!


I normally read at bedtime but I’m making time for daytime reading too that doesn’t include digital copy. There’s just something rather delightful about getting lost in a book, don’t you think?


I used to really enjoy writing my style blogs for Jacqui Cooper Image yet make little time to write these days. I’m currently writing the Beachyjax newsletter and enjoying the quiet, the space and the peace. All I can hear is the birds outside, the wind, the wind chimes and the crackle of the fire that Mr C has just lit. And it’s 1.30pm in the afternoon, which feels like a real indulgence.

Being in nature

Dog walking defo and I’m also very aware of how many birds are around at all times of the day now, are you?


This was one of the first creative pursuits I dedicated myself to when we sold our national coffee business in 2011. I’ve always been a working mum, so it was a real pleasure being able to cook from scratch, no rushing around at teatime. I’m often asked if I’ll write a cookbook. Who knows …

Learning new things

I’ve always enjoyed learning something new. Since isolation, I’ve learnt how to deliver sessions via Facebook live, upload videos from YouTube to our Facebook page due to some technical challenges and I’m currently exploring Zoom software. Ha ha ha, and I think I’m a technophobe!

To be honest, I’m not in that headspace yet to learn something more creative, there are quite a few things on my list to take care of first. I’m highly creative so for sure something new will emerge in the near future.

Catching up with friends

How many times these days do you WhatsApp or text friends rather than call them? I know I do just because it’s quicker. That’s on my list; call and catch up time.

Long, lazy baths

Water is my saviour! Whenever I need to retreat if I’m under the weather, need some ‘me’ time or am just plain tired, you’ll find me in the bath. There’s a world of difference between a daily night-time bath and a long lazy one – isn’t there?


Wow, I had some spices in my kitchen cupboard with a best before date of 2009!

Connecting with like-minded people

I’ve been surrounded by some pretty amazing people through Beachyjax and as you’ll see as you continue to read below, some pretty amazing things are starting to happen.

Changing habits & honouring my values

So, earlier, I mentioned the word ‘habit’. I’ve always had a good work ethic, thanks to my mum. But I’m aware that sometimes I don’t know how to not do anything. Do you know what I mean?

As a working mum I managed the kids most of the time and household tasks, so I was always on the go. Even though my boys are grown up and in their own homes I still find it hard to just ‘be’ unless I’m doing yoga or meditation. Outside of that I am generally highly stimulated. I’m aware that:

  • I allow my environment to distract me.
  • I allow my time to be taken up with everyday unimportant tasks (mostly household as I live in a large, old Victorian house).
  • I allow myself to fill my time so I’ll often feel tired out at the end of the day.
  • I allow too much time for work and less for play!

For something to change, we firstly need to be aware, then we can take responsibility (that means not blaming others) and make changes – create new habits.

So I’m finding a new sense of freedom through isolation as collectively Mr C and I are starting to really value what’s truly important and necessary in our lives. Given none of our lives will be the same again we’re questioning:

  • What do we really want moving forward?
  • What do we really need moving forward?

And even though we are facing many challenges given the restriction of isolation and reduced income – (both our businesses have now closed) we are maintaining a positive outlook and putting strategic plans in place for the upcoming changes in the economy.

So my message to you, without wishing to be Mrs Preachy Pants, is to really value this time of isolation, honour your values, make time and find peace with yourself as you cannot give from an empty well.

I recently came across this image below and it seems apt to share it with you at this time.

Business update

Beachyjax is a Lifestyle & Yoga business. As with many other business owners, our studio is now closed although I have considered an online presence.

However, this wasn’t really resonating with me. It’s only when I got really quiet (during one of my meditations) that I heard the whispers from within. My vision for Beachyjax is about helping people to reconnect with who they are at their core, with community, with nature. Helping people learn, share and heal and that’s why online yoga isn’t lighting me up. It didn’t feel like I was being of service at this time to others.

When I contemplated an online business, I felt it was more about income than service. There are many amazing teachers offering online options at the moment and I felt like we’d just become another online yoga business.

So, I’ve decided Beachyjax isn’t ‘going online’ much to the disappointment of many. However, I feel more than ever people need to experience Kundalini yoga & meditation.

With this in mind, I am offering free Kundalini yoga & meditation classes via Facebook live. This enables me to upload content that you can dip in and out of to suit you and your lifestyle. Check out our Facebook group on Beachyjax for more information.

I’m focussing on sessions that:

  • Boost the immune system
  • De-stress and detox the body
  • Help with disease resistance.

I hope you’ll experience the science and technology of Kundalini yoga – even if it’s just once during your isolation period. You don’t need to be fit or flexible. We move, we meditate, we breathe and we chant. We move energy blocks from our body and stimulate our glandular system to produce feel-good hormones like serotonin, melatonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

On some level, it only works x

The Beachy Collective

I recently collaborated with some like-minded heart-centred souls who attend our Kundalini classes to create ‘The Beachy Collective’. My intention is to share skills, knowledge and experience with you from some of the amazing people I am surrounded by.

We’ve connected through Beachyjax Lifestyle & Yoga Studio and will share with you our combined expertise to help and support you during the upcoming weeks of isolation. These are some of the topics we are covering:

  • Nutrition – Liberty Mills
  • Physical exercise – Nate Cook
  • Coaching you through a financial crisis – David Cooper
  • Mindfulness – Louise Harris
  • Kundalini yoga & meditation – Jacqui Cooper
  • How to work from home – effectively!  – Nikki Philokyprou

The video below gives you an overview of our offering and an introduction to the Collective. We’ve had to adapt our offering too as we can’t physically collaborate at the moment. All the videos are available on the Beachyjax Facebook page.

And finally, heartfelt thanks to Julie Waite who has been proofreading, designing and uploading my blogs and newsletters for many years. Julie has kindly worked her magic on this piece and given her time for free to support our work with The Beachy Collective x

So I’m just wondering … what could you do to help and support yourself and others through these challenging times, drop me a line, I’d love to know x

With love & gratitude,

Beachy x

Sat Nam

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