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Hello Autumn..

group meditation, yoga, relax

It feels good to have some predictability don’t you think? After spring, autumn is my favourite season, I love the colours, the sunny but slightly cooler days. Connecting with Mother Earth And, unlike Mother Nature’s predictability in driving change through the seasons, we can choose to make changes to our lives and adapt to our […]

Finding freedom through isolation

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At the start of a New Year I set an intentional word, this year it’s Liberation and now I have the unique opportunity to fully embrace it for the foreseeable future. Well, that is of course if I change my habits! Every day feels like a Sunday at the moment. What an amazing gift isolation is. Don’t misunderstand me, […]

Festive greetings and a fond farewell …

Jacqui, Dave, Shaman, Costa Rica

Hello beautiful peeps, I’ve got a little bit of news for you … Remember, you can continue to follow us on the Beachyjax website and social media channels. Intentional word As I mentioned in the video, I’ve been thinking about my ‘intentional word’ for 2020. The first year I began this was 2017 and I chose […]

September Sweet Treats

cocoa sweet treats

Let me introduce you to one of my most well-thumbed books – The Earth Diet by Liana Werner-Gray. This book really started to change the way I thought about food and how to cook ‘whole foods’ from scratch. It’s a commitment and I haven’t always got the time or the organisational skills to have everything […]