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Find your purpose, make the change

Wouldn’t it be great if you could love your work?

Business Coaching

How amazing would it be to follow your passion and live it every day, so that ‘work’ isn’t a dirty word, it’s just a fun and fulfilling part of your life.

Well, David Cooper (or Mr C. as he’s affectionately called by wife Jacqui) believes this is achievable for us all. And, with some coaching from him, some hard graft and a lot of willpower you can not just follow your dream but live it and love it.

Your Business Coach

David Cooper – The F**K It Coach

Are you all wide-eyed reading David’s job title? Yes, it does say ‘The F**k It Coach’. And yes, something is a bit different here. David is not your ‘standard’ business coach, in fact, he’s anything but.

He’ll support you to identify where you want to take your business, help you build a plan to get there and (to be frank) have the balls to say ‘F**k It, I’m going for it’.

Along with Jacqui, David grew Cooper’s Coffee to be one of the UK’s premier trade suppliers of fine coffees and espresso machines. Since selling Cooper’s Coffee, David has split his time between running a number of family businesses, his property investments and business coaching.

Husband, father, entrepreneur, business coach, ideas man and all-round positive guy, David believes in telling it how it is and, put simply, going for it.

What is F**k It Coaching?

David has been coaching one-to-one and groups since 2012. His deep knowledge and vast experience of business models and goal setting is well proven with great results for his clients.

David describes his unique coaching style as – direct, results-focused and fun.

How business coaching works

David works with a deep intuition. His natural curiosity and questioning methods, coupled with his ever-present light-hearted humour, enable people to relax quickly and achieve fast results.

Do you need a coach?

He’d say: 

“I had a coach and mentor for six years and I’ve accredited that period of my life from 2006 as a period of immense change. I achieved so much due to having a coach to guide and challenge my thoughts, limiting beliefs and behaviours. It takes a strong will and some courage to change ourselves and our lives into something better. With a coach to guide you the process of change is so much easier and inevitably faster than carrying on alone.”

And the end result?

David says that only three sessions with him is all that 95% of his clients ever need to get them back on track and living a life with intention and purpose.

As a mentor and coach David is, as you would expect, challenging. He works very hard for you. He is meticulously well prepared and brings a wealth and depth of knowledge to all he does. He is naturally curious and constantly learning; his charismatic style reflects his playfulness and sharp wit. He helps you achieve the outcomes you seek and though there are no magic wands he will help you be different – if you want. I heartily recommend David in the certain knowledge that if you are striving to improve your lot, he will be able to help you
Chris Buckley

Want to Find Purpose in Your Life?

Book your own 30 minute one-to-one taster session with Mr C to discover how you can get your life moving in a focused and purposeful direction.