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Breathwork, people lying on grass in sun

The joy of breath

Wouldn’t it be lovely to simply ‘let go and let flow’ and free yourself from the emotional baggage that disempowers you? I’m not sure I

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Woodland structure, Beachyjax

Moving forward with Mr C

Mr C is very much an unsung hero at Beachyjax. He’s usually in the background, helping ensure everything is organised and holding space in his

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group meditation, yoga, relax

Hello Autumn..

It feels good to have some predictability don’t you think? After spring, autumn is my favourite season, I love the colours, the sunny but slightly

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Meditate, woman, yoga studio, mirror

Making a date to meditate …

Meet Ellie – personal trainer, coach, blogger and influencer We love the messages Ellie delivers through her Instagram account, she writes with depth and substance

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cocoa sweet treats

September Sweet Treats

Let me introduce you to one of my most well-thumbed books – The Earth Diet by Liana Werner-Gray. This book really started to change the

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Yoga pose, happy woman

Going full circle

It was late 2018 and I was feeling restless at work. I wanted to expand my business, I was ready to move out of my

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