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At Beachyjax we’re incredibly lucky to have the most inspirational bunch of talented peeps as our teachers and coaches. As individuals, they are unique and exceptional, when they join together as part of Beachyjax they are a tribe!

Our vibe is one of freedom, adventure, spirituality, exploration, empowerment, confidence and authenticity.

Want to get to know us a little better? Meet the kindred spirits behind Beachyjax.

Our Coaches

Jacqui Cooper

The Spirit Bird

Jacqui Cooper is an award-winning image consultant, personal stylist and accredited coach. She is an NLP and Reiki practitioner, as well as being the North of England’s first Fashion Feng Shui Stylist – meaning she is a skilled practitioner working with the mind, body and spirit. Jacqui is part of the Colour Me Beautiful training team and understands the importance of colour in making you look and feel amazing.

Jacqui’s career started out in the corporate world, so she knows where you are coming from and the pressures you face. After selling her national coffee business, she retrained in coaching, image consultancy, personal styling, Kundalini yoga and Kunda Dance.

A vibrant and positive soul who has the ability to awaken your innermost emotions and help you achieve your dreams, we call Jacqui our Spirit Bird.

Jacqui uses a combination of tried and tested coaching modalities, intuition and more ‘out of the box’ techniques to get to those special ‘Aha moments’. Your journey with the Spirit Bird will encourage you to focus on your own uniqueness, nature and energy.

Tea or coffee?

I drink less coffee these days but when I do it has to be Beachy’s own brand of Organic and Fairtrade ‘Peace, Love & Coffee’ blend. I’m mostly Matcha.

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David Cooper

The F**K It Coach

Husband, father, entrepreneur, business coach, ideas man and all-round positive guy, David believes in telling it how it is and, put simply, going for it.

You may be a little surprised by his title ‘The F**k It Coach’. And you’d be right in thinking that something’s a little different here – it is. David is not your ‘standard’ business coach, in fact, he’s anything but. He’ll support you to identify your real business goals, build a plan to get there and (to be frank) have the balls to say ‘F**k It, I’m going for it’.

Along with Jacqui, David grew Cooper’s Coffee to be one of the UK’s premier trade suppliers of fine coffees and espresso machines with national distribution to over 1,300 clients. Since selling Cooper’s Coffee, David has split his time between running a number of family businesses, his property investments and business coaching.

David’s core values are his family, love, fun, freedom, life balance and happiness. His biggest personal goals are to continue contributing positively to the world, challenging himself often and being a good friend and listener with those that he spends his time with.

Favourite drink?

These days I’m a double shot Americano fan with cold milk. It used to be espresso for many years. I was one of the first ‘World Barista Coffee’ Judges and travelled the world judging baristas at competition level.

Business Coaching with David

Nikki Owen

Performance Breakthrough Expert

Meet Nikki who helps people to activate their natural luminosity so their radiant spirit shines brightly.

Whatever pain you’ve experienced in your past, if you’re still holding this pain in your own body then your feel an emotional darkness that stops you from feeling blissful, calm and happy.

A bestselling author, Nikki has pioneered an array of exciting tools designed to enable individuals to express more of their innate potential. Nikki challenges people to transcend where they are now into a capability that can only be described as extraordinary.

“As we travel through life we encounter challenges, traumatic events, situations that hurt us or cause fear and anger. Life altering events create a disconnect with ourselves and we experience hyper-vigilance or numbness. We may feel detached, irritable, anxious and highly reactive in a myriad of ways. Regardless of the personal development we do as an adult, if our younger self is still trapped within our subconscious mind we diminish our potential for happiness, hamstring our capability and obscure our awareness of what’s possible within our life.

My approach works with your innate neuro-plasticity to recover and restore your brain. This liberates stored painful emotions and provides a healing opportunity for your younger self that transforms how you feel in the current moment. What you were enduring will be translated into positive lessons that elevate you to a more confident and expansive You.”

When it’s time for tea?

It’s got to be organic Lemon and Ginger Tea.

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Our Teachers

Jacqui Cooper

Kundalini Yoga

Meet Jacqui – she teaches our regular Kundalini Yoga classes at Beachyjax. Jacqui Cooper is a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is also a qualified Kunda Dance instructor taught personally by Maya Fiennes the creator of Kunda Dance.

“I had been practising a few forms of yoga from Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha and Dru for around 10 years when I came across Kundalini Yoga whilst holidaying in Spain in 2018. There was something so different about this kind of yoga, I wanted to learn more. Considered ‘The Mother of all yoga’ Kundalini seems to be one of the best-kept yoga secrets – I couldn’t find anyone in my area to teach me. So, I went to India to do my teacher training and share with others the benefits I was enjoying.

Kundalini is a total workout for the body mind and spirit – a hugely healing modality. Its primary function is to balance the chakras by freeing the flow of energy through the seven energy centres. Kundalini is a combination of movement, mantra, breathwork and meditation.  It’s a bit weird and wonderful at the same time.

You don’t need to be flexible, fit or even wear lycra! You’ll be amazed at how much more positive, energised yet calm you feel at the end of a class. Tension and stress release, in addition to deep healing, are only a few of the many benefits of Kundalini. Most of the asanas (postures) are seated.

A lot of the moves are quite easy, it’s the repetition and length of time in them that challenges you. Kundalini is practised with the eyes closed for a deeper experience. We also do it to some great vibey music.”

Tea or coffee?

I drink less coffee these days but when I do it has to be Beachy’s own brand of Organic and Fairtrade ‘Peace, Love & Coffee’ blend. I’m mostly Matcha.

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Louise Harris

Yoga and Mindfulness

Meet Louise – she teaches regular Ashtanga Yoga classes at Beachyjax and she is your Mindfulness Coach. Louise Harris is a qualified Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

“I had practised yoga for over 20 years before I was inspired to become a teacher.  Over the years I had predominantly attended Iyengar classes and had various other forms of yoga experiences. Having attended my first Ashtanga yoga class I was completely hooked and less than a year later I was immersed in my teacher training. I started teaching before I’d completed my training because I was inspired and excited to share the gift of Ashtanga and all that I was learning. It was impossible not to share my yoga journey with others.

I teach Ashtanga – modified version. The modified version is shorter than the full primary series and so it’s possible to fit this into a 1.15 hour class.

I am a huge fan of Rocket Yoga which is a branch of Ashtanga. I have started to weave some of the Rocket sequences into my classes and it’s very popular. Both Ashtanga and Rocket are very energetic yoga sequences. Strength, flexibility and mindfulness are naturally developed through regular practice.”

Your tea of choice?

I’m Matcha all the way especially because it’s organic and preferably with almond milk, which btw is always available at Beachy’s.

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Bel Charlesworth

Yoga & Meditation

Meet Bel – she runs meditation and Yoga workshops at Beachyjax – keep an eye on our Workshops & Retreats page or sign up to our newsletter for more info.

Bel Charlesworth is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher with a post-grad diploma in Yoga Therapy (accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapy). She’s also an experienced herbalist and well-being practitioner.

“I’ve loved practising yoga for years but I first tried Dru Yoga in 2012 to help with an inflammatory wrist problem which was being aggravated by my regular more ‘downward-dog’ based practice.

Impressed by the way Dru allowed me to continue strengthening and developing my yoga practice, whilst helping my wrist and really improving my inner calm, and loving the flowing sequences and amazing deep relaxations, I enrolled on the 2 year teacher training programme in Snowdonia and graduated in 2016.

The Yoga Therapy diploma was then a natural progression to bring more Yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques into my work with one-to-one clients and workshops. My passion is to empower others to live a more natural, joyful life by connecting them to both themselves and the wonder of Nature.”

Bel also has further training in Meditation, Back Care and Yoga for Kids and Teens.

Time for a brew?

Give me any kind of herbal tea and I’m happy. I particularly like the Yogi tea at Beachyjax as there is always an inspiring quote on the tag to make you smile 🙂

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Wendy Wild


Meet Wendy – or Bendy Wendy as we like to call her – she teaches regular Hatha and Dru Yoga classes at Beachyjax. Wendy Wild is a qualified Dru and Hatha Yoga teacher. She specialises in back care and has a post-graduate Back Care Certification.

“I was Inspired to teach after yoga cured my back issues and taught me so much about life – it made me want to share my many years of studying yoga with others. I started teaching after first qualifying in 2007 and have retrained in other styles since. My aim is to teach Hatha and Dru Yoga in a therapeutic way.

Hatha Yoga – you will learn how to do postures in a safe, mindful way and how to find peace in a fast-paced world.

Dru Yoga – I will teach you how to strengthen your core and awaken your energy centres (chakras) through soft, flowing sequences, breathwork, mudras and deep stress-reducing relaxations and meditations.

My classes are open and inclusive to all. I have taught everyone from junior school age children to octogenarians.”

Fave drink?

Gotta have my coffee! Especially at Beachy’s, it’s a single shot cappuccino for me.

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