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Get the tribe vibe

At Beachyjax we’re incredibly lucky to attract like-minded souls to our classes and retreats. As individuals, they are unique and exceptional, when they come together through Beachyjax they are our tribe!

Our vibe is one of freedom, adventure, spirituality, exploration, empowerment, confidence and authenticity.

Want to get to know us a little better? Meet the kindred spirits behind Beachyjax.

Meet The Coopers

Jacqui Cooper

Jacqui is skilled practitioner working with the mind, body and spirit. She is a holistic coach, Cacao, sound & NLP practitioner, Reiki Master, Breath Worker, Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher.

Jacqui is a vibrant and positive soul who has the ability to awaken your innermost emotions and help you achieve your dreams.

Jacqui uses a combination of tried and tested coaching modalities, intuition and more ‘out of the box’ techniques to get to those special ‘Aha moments’. Your journey with Jacqui will encourage you to focus on your own uniqueness, nature and energy.

David Cooper

Heart Centred Business Coach

Husband, father, entrepreneur, business coach, ideas man and all-round positive guy, David believes in telling it how it is and, put simply, going for it.

David is not your ‘standard’ business coach, in fact, he’s anything but. He’ll support you to identify your real business goals, build a plan to get there and (to be frank) have the balls to say ‘F**k It, I’m going for it’.

Along with Jacqui, David grew Cooper’s Coffee to be one of the UK’s premier trade suppliers of fine coffees and espresso machines with national distribution to over 1,300 clients. Since selling Cooper’s Coffee, David has split his time between running a number of family businesses, his property investments and business coaching.

David’s core values are his family, love, fun, freedom, life balance and happiness. His biggest personal goals are to continue contributing positively to the world, challenging himself often and being a good friend and listener with those that he spends his time with.