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8 Golden Rules For Harmonious Living

Join David Cooper, our Heart Centred Business Coach, on ‘8 golden rules for harmonious living and peaceful existence – taking back control of your emotions’.

David Cooper, entrepreneur and business guru leads this group session ‘8 Golden Rules For Harmonious Living.

We all have problems and worries that from time to time don’t seem to have any obvious solution. These can vary from minor issues involving loved ones to way more complex problems like money or career.

This step by step system works for you by asking yourself a set of specific questions that David will demonstrate for you. David believes that there is ALWAYS a best outcome and solution for any problem.

Once you have gained more clarity, this process will move you closer to finding your best outcome and easing your worry – in some cases instantly. Armed with this process to problem-solving any issue that life throws at you, you will no longer need to carry your worries around with you in a continuous spiral of ineffectiveness, leading to inevitable stress.

David will demonstrate this process with a live demo and if you want to – you’ll even get to try it out for yourself before you leave. As David quotes ‘Out of chaos, always comes clarity.’

About This Workshop

Suitable for: all

Timing: 2.5 hours

Cost: £30

Focus on: Taking back control of your emotions

Guide: David


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