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Are you ready to quieten your mind and honour your body? Yes? Then you’ve found your spiritual home.

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Beachyjax is a healing hub and safe haven to balance your mind, body and soul

Offering yoga classes, coaching, meditation, retreats and mindful living, you’ll find us nestled in our tranquil lifestyle studio on the edge of a nature reserve in Honley, Huddersfield.

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“Beachyjax is more than just movement, it's about reconnecting with who you are at your core, with nature and your community.”

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Whether you are new to yoga and want to try a relaxing, spiritual workout or are a seasoned yoga fan looking for something different, we have a yoga class for everyone.

Hatha, Ashtanga, Dru and Kundalini yoga classes are all on offer from our inspirational group of teachers.

And, at this point, if you’re thinking “what?!” just have a look at our types of yoga page or give us a call to find out which class would suit you.

Yoga Styles

Mind, Body, Spirit

Living your authentic life doesn’t always come naturally. All too often we are pulled in different directions by the pressures and challenges of modern living.

Our experienced life coaches and teachers can support you on your journey of personal development with life coaching, image coaching, business coaching, mindfulness and meditation.

Mindful Living

We all love to shop, right? But buying on impulse and mindless consumption doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves. That’s why at Beachyjax we’re all about mindful shopping (yes, thankfully, there is such a thing!).

Because being in a ‘good place’ begins with you; your mindset, your behaviour, your energetic footprint and your environment.

We’ve created a range of natural cleaning and skincare products that are ‘good’ through to the core and that are available to purchase from the Beachyjax studio.

So, we invite you to invoke, inhale and affirm. Mindful shopping – are you ready to visit Beachyjax and join our tribe?

Beachyjax Studio

Our Story

Beachyjax founder, Jacqui Cooper, has experienced a spiritual path that has taken her from the corporate world to award-winning professional stylist, image consultant, life coach and Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Jacqui has gathered together some of her most inspirational yoga practitioners and coaches to offer a holistic healing hub in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Explore, learn, share, develop, try new things, feel empowered, heal – or just come for great yoga! We look forward to welcoming you to be, see, feel the change.

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We have limited classes until 12th December due to retreat. Click here for available classes